2023-09-21 - Inaugural Board of Directors

The first democratically elected board of directors took office on August 21st 2023 at the first Annual General Meeting of the association which took place on the same day in Accra, Ghana.

The election included 13 candidates and 19 IXPs voting from 18 countries. Nine seats were available. Voting began on August 7th, 2023 and closed on August 17th, 2023.

The election was conducted using the Zeus Electronic Voting system with support and oversight from the European Internet Exchange Association; the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Exchange Association; and the Internet Society. Representatives from these organizations acted as election trustees and released a signed statement to certify the election results. A copy of this statement is attached below.

The first elected members, along with their respective terms, are as follows:

  • Kyle Spencer (3 years)
  • Muhammed Rudman (3 years)
  • Jane R Coffin (3 years)
  • Jean-Francis Ahanda (2 years)
  • Frank Habicht (2 years)
  • Darwin Da Costa (2 years)
  • Lawakilia Wilfried Drabo (1 year)
  • Edrich de Lange (1 year)
  • Caglar Dabanoglu (1 year)

Note that staggered terms were allocated based on the number of votes each candidate received as required by our Articles of Association for the inaugural election.