About the African Internet Exchange Point Associaton

The African IXP Association (AFIX) is a group of Internet exchange point operators from across Africa, brought together by a shared need to coordinate and exchange knowledge. We are a registered non-profit (CBC) in Rwanda. Our articles of association and board of directors can be found here.

Our purpose is to provide an enabling environment for Internet exchange point operators in the African region so that they can share knowledge and support each other. We aim to help IXPs maximize the value they represent to their members, to improve connectivity within the continent, and to increase the value of the Internet for all. Our specific objectives are to:

  • Produce and share tutorials, best practices, policy templates, and other resources
  • Encourage governments, regulators, and civil society to support new and existing IXPs
  • Share best practices, experiences, and case studies
  • Collectively represent African IXPs in global meetings and projects
  • Compile and distribute information regarding Internet traffic and the impact of IXPs
  • Catalyze new ideas, projects, and research related to Internet traffic exchange
  • Help IXPs address operational issues, deploy new services, improve security, and scale
  • Promote the establishment of new IXPs in countries without one and cities that need one

The African IXP Association is a member of the Internet eXchange Federation (IX-F): http://www.ix-f.net/