List of active Internet exchange points in Africa

There are currently 49 active IXPs located in 45 cities in 35 countries in Africa. If you know of an IXP that is not included here, or wish to submit a correction, please contact us. To view this data as an interactive map, click here. To download our full data set in CSV format, click here.
Name of IXP Country City Launched
Angola-IXP (ANG-IXP) Angola Luanda 2006
Angonix (Angonix) Angola Luanda 2015
Benin IX (BENINIX) Benin Cotonou 2013
Botswana Internet Exchange (BIXP) Botswana Gaborone 2005
Burkina Faso Internet Exchange Point (BFIX) Burkina Faso Ouagadougou 2015
Burundi National Internet Exchange Point (BDIXP) Burundi Bujumbura 2017
Cote d'Ivoire Internet Exchange Point (CIVIX) Cote d'Ivoire Abidjan 2013
Goma Internet eXchange Point (GOMIX) Democratic Republic of Congo Goma 2021
Kinshasa Internet eXchange Point (KINIX) Democratic Republic of Congo Kinshasa 2012
Lubumbashi Internet eXchange Point (LUBIX) Democratic Republic of Congo Lubumbashi 2019
Djibouti Internet Exchange (DjIX) Djibouti Djibouti 2016
Cairo IX (CAIX) Egypt Cairo 2002
Gabon Internet Exchange Point (GAB-IX) Gabon Libreville 2014
Serekunda Internet Exchange Point (SIXP) Gambia Serekunda 2014
Ghana Internet Exchange (GIX) Ghana Accra 2005
Le Point d'Echange Internet de la Guinée (IXP-GUINEE) Guinee Conakry 2020
Kenya Internet Exchange Point - Mombasa (KIXP - MSA) Kenya Mombasa 2014
Kenya Internet Exchange Point - Nairobi (KIXP) Kenya Nairobi 2002
Lesotho Internet Exchange Point (LIXP) Lesotho Maseru 2011
Liberia Internet Exchange Point (LIXP) Liberia Monrovia 2015
Madagascar Global Internet eXchange (MGIX) Madagascar Antananarivo 2016
Malawi Internet Exchange (MIX) Malawi Blantyre 2008
Mali IX (MLIX) Mali Bamako 2018
Mauritius Internet Exchange Point (MIXP) Mauritius Ebene 2008
Mozambique Internet Exchange (MOZIX) Mozambique Maputo 2002
Internet eXchange Point Namibia (IXWHK) Namibia Windhoek 2014
Abuja IX (IXPN) Nigeria Abuja 2011
Internet eXchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN) Nigeria Lagos 2007
Port Harcourt IX (IXPN) Nigeria Port Harcourt 2012
Congo Internet Exchange (CGIX) Republic of Congo Brazzaville 2013
Rwanda Internet Exchange (RINEX) Rwanda Kigali 2004
Senegal Internet Exchange (SENIX) Senegal Dakar 2017
Somalia Internet Exchange Point (SoIXP) Somalia Mogadishu 2018
Cape Town Internet Exchange Point (CINX) South Africa Cape Town 1997
NAPAfrica IX Cape Town (NAPAfrica CT1) South Africa Cape Town 2012
Durban Internet Exchange Point (DINX) South Africa Durban 2012
NAPAfrica IX Durban (NAPAfrica DB1) South Africa Durban 2011
Johannesburg Internet Exchange Point (JINX) South Africa Johannesburg 1996
NAPAfrica IX Johannesburg (NAPAfrica JB1) South Africa Johannesburg 2012
Sudan Internet Exchange Point (SIXP) Sudan Khartoum 2011
Arusha Internet Exchange Point (AIXP) Tanzania Arusha 2006
Tanzania Internet Exchange (TIX) Tanzania Dar es Salaam 2004
Mwanza Internet Exchange Point (MIXP) Tanzania Mwanza 2016
Zanzibar Internet Exchange Point (ZIXP) Tanzania Zanzibar 2018
Togo Internet Exchange Point (TGIX) Togo Lome 2017
Tunisia IXP Tunis (TunIXP) Tunisia Tunis 2011
Uganda Internet eXchange Point (UIXP) Uganda Kampala 2001
Zambia Internet Exchange Point (ZIXP) Zambia Lusaka 2006
Harare Internet Exchange Point (HIXP) Zimbabwe Harare 2017

List of inactive IXPs in Africa

These IXPs either no longer exist, no longer fit the accepted definition of an IXP in our region, or their status is unclear. If you have more information about any of these IXPs and wish to submit an update or correction, please contact us. To download our full data set in CSV format, click here.