AFIX Company Registration Complete

We are excited to announce that the African IXP Association is now officially registered as a Community Benefit Company (CBC) in Rwanda. This is an important milestone that will significantly enhance our capacity to develop the regional Internet ecosystem.

Our transitional Board of Directors is composed of the following people:

  • Nico Tshintiu (Chair)
  • Kyle Spencer (Executive Director)
  • Michuki Mwangi
  • Grace Mwikarago
  • Fergus McKay
  • Frank Habicht
  • Hasting Tjipueja

Our next objective is to elect an inaugural Board of Directors, ideally before AfPIF in August. In order to try to achieve this, we will immediately open the call for nominations and proceed according to the following timeline:

  • Nominations open: Tuesday, July 11th
  • Nominations close: Wednesday, July 26th
  • Election opens: Monday, July 31st
  • Election closes: Wednesday, August, 16th
  • Results announced: Thursday, August 17th

Regarding nominations: Everyone is welcome to participate and self-nominations are allowed. A submission form has been shared on the membership mailing list. If you would like to submit a nomination and don't have access to that mailing list, please contact us.

We will provide additional information in the coming days and weeks.